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Food Allergy Vs Food Intolerance

An abnormal reaction to certain food stuffs which can present with different symptoms and problems are called Food allergy, Food intolerance or Food hypersensitivity.

➢ IgE mediated allergy is called the true allergy.
It is characterized by release of histamine and IgE antibodies upon exposure to an allergen or food item. The symptoms usually occur immediately after ingestion of food and include the classic allergy symptoms like rashes, sneezing, and breathlessness.

➢ IgG mediated allergy is called food intolerance. It is characterized by production of IgG antibodies and gradual formation of antigen antibody complexes, which are then deposited in tissues and cause chronic inflammation.

They cause delayed symptoms, which include IBS, depression, fatigue, headaches, joint pains, weight problems etc.

What tests can be done to detect these?

➢ Food allergy panel- detects IgE antibodies against 30 food items
➢ Food intolerance panel 60 or 220- detects IgG antibodies against 60 or 220 food items.

How to interpret the test result?

The foods are categorised as Elevated, Borderline and Normal.

Removing foods which are elevated or borderline usually results in improvement of symptoms.